Presidency School


Our Faculty

Presidency is credited with the ability to transform lives of all members of our fraternity, the students who arrive for learning, as well as lives of teachers, coaches, advisors and faculty members, who steer, guide and counsel them in their quest. Presidency appoints the best of teaching fraternity who continue to add value to the culture and dynamics of this institution.

We have a team of over 123 teachers who are highly qualified, committed and dedicated professionals.

Staff Details – 2017 – 18
Faculty Name Designation  Qualification Years of Experience 
Ms.J.Bhuvaneswari   Principal  M.A,M.Ed,MS,M.Phil, Black Belt in six sigma 30 yrs  PGT 
Ms. Rajashree Chaudhari Head Mistress  M.CA 10 yrs  PGT 
Ms. Anindita Cordeiro COD  M.Sc, B.Ed 8 yrs TGT 
Ms. Kavita Kutleria COD  M.Sc, B.Ed 8 yrs  PRT
English department
Ms. Joyce Dias –  HOD HOD  M.A, B.Ed 29 yrs  PGT 
Dr. Hannah Sampath – Team Leader  HOD  M.Sc, PHD   4 yrs  PGT 
Ms. Pompa Bose TEACHER  M.A 14 yrs  PRT
Ms. Susan Varghese TEACHER  M.A, B.Ed 8 yrs  TGT 
Ms. Sindhu Nair TEACHER  B.A, B.Ed 10 yrs PRT
Ms. Manju Pradhan TEACHER  M.A 18 yrs  PRT
Dr. Syedali Fatima TEACHER  B.A, M.Phil, Ph.D 6 yrs PRT
Ms.Vidhya Lakshmi TEACHER  M.A 1 yr  PRT
Ms. Sompurba Basu TEACHER  M.A, B.Ed 4 yrs PGT
Ms. Puja Roy TEACHER  M.A, B.Ed 6 yrs PRT
Science Department
Ms. Indumathi M.C  –  HOD HOD  M.Sc, M.Ed 13 yrs  PGT 
Ms. Elssa Limcy Roshan HOD  M.Sc, B.Ed, NTT 11 yrs  PGT 
Ms. Bhawana Pant HOD  M.Sc, B.Ed 9 yrs  PGT 
Ms. Kavita Kutleria TEACHER  M.Sc, B.Ed 8 yrs  PRT
Ms. Sree Shailaja TEACHER  M.Sc, B.Ed 6 yrs  PGT 
Ms. Kavita Chandak TEACHER  M.Sc, B.Ed 8 yrs  PGT 
Ms. Preetha Jayan TEACHER  B.Sc , B Ed , PGDCA 6 yrs  PRT
Ms. Sumedha S Joshi TEACHER  B.Sc, PGDM(AICTE) 14 yrs  PRT
Ms. Meriam Faiz  TEACHER  M.Sc  1 yr  PRT
Mr. Dharmendra Agarwal  TEACHER  B.Tech – Aeronautics  4 yrs  PRT
Ms. Shoma Nazeer  TEACHER  M.Sc, B.Ed 5.5 Yrs  PRT
Ms. Neetika Kapoor TEACHER  M.Sc, B.Ed 4 yrs PGT
Ms. Divya K TEACHER  M.Sc, B.Ed 4.5 yrs PGT
Ms. Neena Aloysious TEACHER  M.Sc, Ph.D 3 yrs PGT
Ms. Shikha Dwivedi TEACHER  M.Sc, B.Ed 3 yrs PGT
Math Department
Mr. Krishna C A – HOD  HOD  M.Sc, B.Ed 26 yrs  PGT
Ms. Jayanthi A  Team leader  P.G in PM and IR, B.Ed 18 yrs  TGT
Ms. Meenakshi Jain TEACHER  B.Sc (Pursuing B Ed) 10 yrs  PRT
Ms. Roshiny Varghese TEACHER  M.CA, B.Ed 5 yrs  PRT
Ms. Sunitha S TEACHER  M.Sc, B.Ed 16 yrs  TGT
Ms. Suma S Lakshminarayana Rao TEACHER  B.Sc, B.Ed, MCA 19 yrs  TGT 
Ms. Kasthuri V TEACHER  M.Sc, M.Phil 7 yrs  PRT
Ms. Rajeswari P C TEACHER  M.Sc, M.Phil 15 yrs  PGT
Mr. Thanikachalam  TEACHER  M.Sc , M Phil B Ed  7 yrs  PGT
Ms. Rajalakshmi TEACHER  B.Sc, PGDHRM (HR) 1 yrs PRT
Ms. Vaishali Khale TEACHER  M.Sc, B.Ed NIL PRT
Ms. Varsha Rani TEACHER  B.Sc, B.Ed, MCA 5.5 yrs PRT
Ms. Prasanna Lakshmi TEACHER  B.Sc, B.Ed 2 yrs PRT
Ms. Savitha Praveen M TEACHER  B.E 3 yrs TGT
Language Department
Mr. Jayanand G N- HOD HOD  M.A, B.Ed 18 yrs  TGT
Mr. Manu Mugappa TEACHER  M.A, B.Ed, Dip.Drama 16 yrs  TGT
Ms. Kavita Devaraj TEACHER  M.A, NTT  8 yrs  PRT
Ms. Jayashree Badarinath TEACHER  B.A, B.Ed 1 yr  PRT
Mr. Raja Reddy Badveli- HOD HOD M.A Sanskrit,Telugu- GM 16 yrs  TGT
Mr. Prakash G Bhat TEACHER  M.A, B.Ed 10 yrs  TGT
Mr. Rajesh Kumar Shukla- HOD HOD  M.A, B.Ed, CTET 17 yrs  TGT
Mr. Ameer Amanulla Khan TEACHER  B.A, B.Ed 16 yrs  TGT
Ms. Inderpreet TEACHER  M.A, B.Ed, Honour in Hindi, PGDCA, DLIS 9 yrs  TGT
Ms. Shravya TEACHER  M.A, B.Ed 2.5 yrs  PRT
Ms. Rameez Raja TEACHER  M.A, B.Ed 7 yrs  TGT
Ms. Anitha Shah  TEACHER  B.Sc B .Ed 6 yrs  PRT
Ms. Jyoti Bhatla  TEACHER  B.A, B.Ed, MBA 1 yr  PRT
Ms. Rakhi Sinha TEACHER  B.Com,(Per.B.Ed) 8 yrs PRT
Ms. Nidhi William Howard TEACHER  M.A, B.Ed 8 yrs PRT
Mr. Gohi Bi Boti Parfait  TEACHER  B.BM 5 yrs  PRT 
Social Studies department
Ms. Sriparna Chaudhuri- HOD HOD  M.A, B.Ed 6 yrs  TGT
Ms. Neetu Gupta TEACHER  M.A, B.Ed 18 yrs  TGT
Ms. Sugyani Acharya TEACHER  M.A, B.Ed 7 yrs  TGT
Ms. Uma Rani T TEACHER  B.Sc, PGDCA(Pursuing BEd) 20 yrs  PRT
Ms. Nafeesa Banu  TEACHER  B.A, B.Ed 22 yrs  PRT
Ms. Poonam Vijay Kumar  TEACHER  M.A, B.Ed 7 yrs  TGT
Ms. Priyanka Nag TEACHER  M.Com, B.Ed, Comp. 7 yrs  PRT
Ms. Shantala Ramesh  TEACHER  M.A, Mphil  15 Yrs  PRT
Ms. Richa Mishra Jha TEACHER  B.A, PGDRD, B Ed 5 yrs  PRT
Computer Department
Ms. Tamil Selvi- HOD HOD  M.CA, M.Phil 12 yrs PGT
Ms. Sreedevi U TEACHER  B.Sc, PGDCA, Montessori 9 yrs  TGT
Ms. Meena Chandrasekaran TEACHER  MBA, PGDFM 6 yrs  PRT
Ms. Ann Neethu Mathew TEACHER  M.CA 1 yr  PRT
Ms. Anupama  Ashok  TEACHER  M.CA  10 yrs PGT
Ms. Arshiya TEACHER  M.Sc, IT 3 yrs  PRT
Grade I Mother Teacher
Ms. Freny B Rodrigues TEACHER  B.Sc, DCA, TTE, B.Ed 13 yrs  PRT
Ms. Meera Bai TEACHER  B.Com, NTT 18 yrs  PRT
Ms. Prapti Singha  TEACHER  B.A Eng Honours/ Pdr 4 yrs  PRT
Ms. Nitu Khanna  TEACHER  B.A, NTT 12 yrs  PRT
Ms. Ritu Mathur TEACHER  B.Sc, B.Ed 14 yrs  PRT
Ms. Tasneem Moiz  TEACHER  B.A,NTT 17 yrs  PRT
Grade II Mother Teacher
Ms. Sudha Narayan TEACHER  M.A, B.Ed 21 yrs  PRT
Ms. Savitha Kumar TEACHER  B.Com, PPTT 12 yrs  PRT
Ms. Bindhiya Y TEACHER  M.CA  4 yrs  TGT
Ms. Schanchala S Reddy TEACHER  B.Sc, B.Ed 3 yrs  PRT
Ms. Sulakshna Saxena TEACHER  M.Com, MBA 2 yrs  PRT
Ms. Neetha S P TEACHER  B.Sc, B.Ed 4 yrs  PRT
Ms. Anuradha Kumar KG COD  B.A Psychology 17 yrs  PRT 
Ms. Nirmala G Kundlur TEACHER  B.Com , Diploma in early childhood education (DECE) 12 yrs  PRT
Ms. Moitryee Das Sharma TEACHER  M.A, B.Ed 13 yrs  TGT
Ms. Jyothsna C S TEACHER  B.Sc, TTE – D.Ed 12 yrs  PRT
Ms. Prabha Manjunath TEACHER  B.Com, NTT 22 yrs  PRT
Ms. Ramya Ganesh TEACHER  B.A, NTT, Montessori 9 yrs  PRT
Ms. Damayanti Biswas TEACHER  B.Sc, Montessori trained 15 yrs PRT
Ms. Priyadarshini G TEACHER  B.Sc, D.Ed 12 yrs  PRT
Ms. Tara Naresh B TEACHER  B.Com / NTT 13 yrs  PRT
Ms. Nazia Khan S.S TEACHER  B.A, NTT 1 yr  PRT
Ms. Krishnaveni Pamu TEACHER  B.Sc, NTT 3 yrs  PRT
Ms. Pritam Kanchi TEACHER  B.Sc, CIDTT(Pursuing NTT) 10 yrs  PRT
Ms. Prathiba V TEACHER  M.A,(Pursuing NTT)  7 yrs  PRT
Ms. Priya roshan  TEACHER  MBA/ Integrated teachers training 2 yr  PRT
Ms. Sweety  TEACHER  B.Com, DIP in pre primary exam  1 yr  PRT
Ms. Geetha  TEACHER  B.Pharm NTC 6 yrs  PRT
Ms. Sumana Natesh TEACHER  B.Com, TTC   TRT
Co-curricular Departments
Debalina Roy TEACHER  M.A in Dance 10 yrs  TGT
Swagata Mukherjee TEACHER  B.Sc, Diploma in Dance 5 yrs  PRT
Mr. James Y TEACHER  B.Com , 7 Grade in Piano , 8th Grade in Western vocal , Senior – Carnatic music & Hindustani music  3 yrs  PRT
Mr. Lokesh A TEACHER  Dip in Piano  6 yrs  PRT 
Mr. Muniraju TEACHER Dip. In yoga 10 yrs  PGT
Ms. Asha Rani TEACHER B.Tech 2 yrs TGT
Ms. Varsha Gandhi Counsellor M.A (Clinical Psychology) 17 yrs  PGT
Ms. Shwetha Shivaprasad Counsellor M.Sc, Counselling in Psychology 3.5 yrs  PRT 
Ms. Suchismita Sen  ORT M.A  3.5 yrs  PRT
Mr. Barunava Ghosh TEACHER  MFA 4 yrs  PGT
Ms. Zainab Unnisa A TEACHER  B.A, PPTT 16 yrs  TGT
Ms. Srabani Bhakta TEACHER  MFA NIL TGT
Physical Education
Mr. Palani Swamy M   TEACHER  B.PEd 14 yrs  PTI
Ms. Lakshmi K V TEACHER  B.A 2 yrs  PTI
Mr. Naresh Kumar TEACHER  M.Ped, Phd  4 yrs  PTI
Mr. Chinnaraj TEACHER  D.PEd 7 yrs  PTI
Mr. Suresha K N TEACHER  M.Ped 2 yrs  PTI
Ms. Rinu Jain TEACHER  M.Com, B.Ed, Mphil,
Dip in Comp.
11 yrs  PGT
Ms. Reema Kulkarni  TEACHER  M.Com 4 yrs  PRT
Ms. Latha C D LIBRARIAN  MLISc, Mphil 10 yrs  PGT