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Child centric, value based, experiential learning, with effective communication brings a positive change that leads to the betterment of society fostering a Win Win Situation.

In today’s world, one of the challenges that a parent faces is to mould their child to the changing requirements of the environment. Part of the same challenge is also to find a good school. Presidency School Bangalore South – one of the most sought out schools in South Bangalore, promises to fulfill all those requirements. It is a premier school under the umbrella of Presidency Group of Institutions which has seven top quality schools and two PU colleges in Bangalore/Mangalore. Presidency is a big name all over Bangalore, Karnataka.

PSBS has all the necessary infrastructure and facilities to provide overall development for the student. It has a strong support system of 120 well trained, qualified and experienced faculty members who can guide and facilitate the academic requirements of the child from Kindergarten to Grade XII. To bring out the best in each child and multiply their strength is the primary objective of the school.

Our teaching is based on integration of subjects with the usage of smart technology.

Practical learning in the lab, Group Presentation, Team Resource Development, Life Skills, Yoga, Value Education and Integration of Art Forms in Education are some of the highlights at school. Maximum participation of students in assemblies, events and competitions to boost up the morale and confidence level of the children are the key concepts that we believe prepares them to face challenges in all walks of life.

Our Board results of Grade X is always been par excellence .The Eighth batch of Grade X and the Sixth batch of Grade XII would be giving their exams in March 2017.

The school is also offering AIEEE course to those who desire and has an organized Remedial Teaching Plan in place for those who need extra help. The counseling capsule, Interactive sessions with highly qualified and experienced professionals along with appropriate Leadership Camp equips the youngsters to spread out their wings on their first flight with immense confidence.

Students at PSBS have a multicultural background, as we have students from various states of the country. There is a healthy exchange of ideas and culture that has further promoted the individual growth and acceptance levels in our students. We are abreast with the latest in the CBSE board changes. We strive continuously to nurture the latent talents in the students and help them to become the global citizens.

Although we are a nascent school, yet under the guidance and leadership of great educationists and visionaries we have incorporated the best in the field of academics and activities for our students.

Presidency Group greatly believes in treating and identifying an individual as an individual and thereby acknowledging the fact that every child is endowed with a persona of his/ her own.
The Principal, Ms. J Bhuvaneswari’s, (MA, Med, MS, M.Phil) experience and expertise has yoked onto myself the task of grooming children, to bring out their latent potentials and appreciate the same. This has been seen in all School events, where it has become mandatory for every child to performon stage. This has been an attempt to instil in the learner that he too has the capability to be one of the STARS in the Limelight. In the Annual day, STREE, 1886 students from Grade 4 – 11took part in the mega eventheld on Dec 17th& 18th2016, in the school premises.It was a great success, large number of parents witnessed the Annual Day.

The Annual Day for KG to Grade 3– “VOICE OF THE CHILDREN”will be held on 3rd& 4th Mar 2017 in our school premises.

The school further has made it possible to create platforms that would best support achieving individualistic goals. Joining hands with the parent community and gaining their trust and faith has been an achievement for us, as we treasure this valuable relationship to tread that extra mile towards limitless boundaries.

At PSBS nothing is impossible or too early. All it takes is the belief in self and a positive bent of mind to be the change, instead of awaiting the tide to change its course. “Be the change and live the change that you have always envisioned” has been ingrained in every learner who has been nestled in the bosom of Presidency.

We at PSBS have successfully integrated scientifically planned curriculum, coupled with keenness in sports and appreciation of arts through multifarious activities. While myriad opportunities are created for self- analysis and goal setting, we at our ends have ensured the development in emotional and spiritual well being through empathizing with real life situations.

Presidency, Bangalore South  is more than glad to nourish these tiny fledglings nestled in our care and unleash the confidence in them to soar on the wings of imagination ,into the world ,where the sky is no longer the limit- beyond the skies lies a whole new world of enchantment , opportunities and dreams that are just waiting to be discovered. Welcome to Presidency, where we make things HAPPEN!

Mrs. J.Bhuvaneswari
Director / Principal