Presidency School


Resource Centre – Library

The Resource Centre, comprising the Library and the Teacher’s Resource Centre, has become a unique repository of books, CDs, audio as well as video titles covering a gamut of subjects and topics which will contribute greatly to fulfilling the gaps and making the experience of learning much more wholesome and enjoyable. Each year brings with it a fresh treasure trove for our young minds to read, discover and bloom in.

Lab facilities

Highly spacious, well ventilated and well equipped the ultra modern Physics, Chemistry, Biology Math and Computer labs are already in place. These labs are facilitated with a multi media system along with software on varied topics related to science.

Computer Lab

Two well furnished computer labs add to the already appreciable infrastructure of the school. 36 computers equipped with the latest software form a part of the Junior and the Senior lab, both of which have separate projectors to enhance and facilitate learning.

Sports & Activities

Sports & Games in the curriculum has also been an important objective for a healthy and balanced growth of the school. Keeping this in mind the students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of indoor and outdoor games at the school.

  • Outdoor sports include football, basket ball, aerobics, tennis, cricket, yoga and karate.
  • In addition to routine Art & Craft activities, children enjoy doing floral display, mask making etc.
  • For children with focused interests there are Math club, Eco Club, Quiz and G. K. Clubs, Public speaking and Computer Clubs.
  • Dance and Music activities include folk and classical dances, vocal and instrumental music
  • Keeping track of demands, new activities are also added from time to time.
  • Talents of teachers at Presidency are identified and exploited to beneficial ends exposing the children to exciting new areas of activities which normally are not a part of general life.
  • These activities are aimed at drawing out not only the talent but the hidden desires of the child  and the subsequent happiness reflects in better academic performance.
Oxford Reading Tree – Report

“I do believe that something very magical can happen when you read a good book” – JK Rowling.
The Oxford Reading Tree, a reading program, is a new initiative launched by the Presidency Group of Schools in the academic year 2015-16. This proposal was implemented because of the efforts of the highly dedicated Director of the group, Ms. Nafeesa Ahmed. Her aim is to bring in new trends in education and add value to student learning.
It is a known fact that early readers receive multiple benefits and is the key to a child’s academic future.
The ORT enables young students to become proficient and confident readers. It has taught millions of children worldwide not just how to read, but also love reading. The content and the stories are designed to invoke a natural curiosity and relate incidents that children associate with fun. The exercise also aims at enhancing the vocabulary of the students.
The fascinating books would make children want to read more and more and instill a love for reading books.
The ORT at Presidency School Bangalore South is at a nascent stage, but it is interesting to see our children completely engaged and enjoying. It is our firm belief that as we progress we will see our children as self-confident and motivated readers. On this note we can conclude that early reading ignites a child’s creativity and imagination and gives him/her an edge to express.
The parent community at PSBS is happy as they notice a slow but steady and positive change in the reading patterns of their children!!

Special Education & Counselling

Special Education programs are designed for those students who are mentally, physically, socially and/or emotionally delayed. This aspect of “delay,” broadly categorized as a developmental delay, signify an aspect of the child’s overall development (physical, cognitive, scholastic skills) which place them behind their peers. Due to these special requirements, students’ needs cannot be met within the traditional classroom environment. Special Education programs and services adapt content, teaching methodology and delivery instruction to meet the appropriate needs of each child.

The counselling services offered in PSBS promotes the holistic development of students by providing on-going prevention and intervention services and offering personal counselling to students .

Work includes:
  • counseling students ( Individual and group)
  • assisting parents or guardians to make informed decisions about their child’s education
  • ssessing students’ learning and behavior( informal)
  • assisting school to identify and address disabilities that affect students’ learning at the class level.
  • Referring students to other services and agencies according to their needs
  • Contacting parents regarding students’ holistic development and other specific problem
  • Delivering therapy on personal development, educational achievements, educational issues and behavioural developments of the child.

The school transport has a fleet of over 30 buses, providing home to door, drop and pick up for the students and staff. Each bus follows optimum safety standard, replete with an experienced driver, lady helper and CCTV monitoring system.


Every floor has a bathroom at both ends, with separate toilet facilities for boys and girls. The housekeeping staff has sufficient number of staff for round the clock cleaning and maintenance of the washrooms. The washrooms are provided with WC’s and 24 hours’ water supply, and provisions for complete sanitation care for the students.

Medical Facilities

PSBS has a well-stocked sick bay, with a trained nurse to attend the students. We also have a tie up with the nearest state of the art hospital on Bannerghatta Road, for any medical exigency. There is an annual medical check-up for all the students and vital information on the health condition shared with the parents in case of any anomaly found. Regular monitoring of height and weight is conducted by the nurse and records of each students is maintained with her. She also keeps a record of the student’s medical history.