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Presidency University Hosts ‘INVINCIA 2022’

Bangalore’s biggest cultural fest held in the city on 27th and 28th May

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

INVINCIA 2022, the biggest Cultural Fest of Bangalore was organised by Presidency University on 27th-28th May 2022. The grand endeavour was a result of the concerted efforts of the entire team of the Department of Student Affairs under the guidance of the Hon’ble Chancellor Mr. Nissar Ahmed and the Vice President, Mr. Salman Ahmed.


Smt. Ashwini Puneeth Kumar, Producer (PRK Productions & PRK Audio) and alumni of Presidency School, RT Nagar, graced the inaugural function and declared the fest open. A special tribute was paid to the Legendary Actor Late Dr. Puneeth Rajkumar, whose memories are still cherished and celebrated. The ceremony was attended by all the key officials, staff and students of the University.


INVINCIA 2022 was a culmination of 50+ Group & Individual events, nurturing talents PAN India, with a student registration from over 90 different colleges and universities, more than 2100 external student participation and a mammoth crowd of 20000+ Students. Divine x Gully Gang headlined Day 1 with a spectacular performance. Various artists like Khanzaadi, Loud-silence, Jubilman and others set the mood for the entry of Divine (Gully Gang) Day 2 was inaugurated by Mr. Javed Ali and marked the start of a huge variety of competitions in the genres of dance, dramatics, music, and fine arts. EMCTruth and Arjun (DJ Quake) opened the show for the mesmerizing, talented singer Ananya Birla, followed by DJ Dr. A, which left the crowd enthralled.

Chancellor, Mrs. Kauser Nissar presented the Overall Championship of Invincia’22 Award to St. Josephs College, Bangalore while the Runner Up Trophy went to Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore. More than 20,000 students from across 90 colleges PAN India attended the two-day festivities of INVINCIA 2022.

Commenting on the event, Salman Ahmed, Vice President of Presidency University Bangalore said, “I congratulate the Department of Student Affairs, who with their talent, hard work, passion and imagination, created this magical event. This platform provided them the opportunity to bring out their latent talents and transform their skills into execution, giving them more confidence. We feel proud of our students for having pulled off such a spectacular event. We are excited that our aim of holding the biggest cultural fest in Bangalore, was realised in this overwhelming BLOCKBUSTER response.”

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 Pres MUN -2021

The Social Science department at Presidency School, Bangalore South proudly conducted the First Virtual Inter PresMUN-21 conference on July 16th and 17th 2021. It aimed to provide a platform for young minds to express their views on global issues and equip them with skills like public speaking, debating, diplomacy, problem solving, persuasive writing and team work.

A total of 86 students across Presidency Group of Schools from Grades 8-12 participated in this 2-day virtual conference conducted on Microsoft Teams There were four committees, UNHRC with the agenda Covid 19 response in developing countries with special focus on human rights violations in African and Asian states. The UNSC discussed the agenda, The ongoing Israel Palestine conflict in the light of Covid global pandemic.

TheWHO focused on the agenda- Ensuring equitable access to Covid 19 vaccination and the CCC with the agenda – Electing the successor of King Robert I Baratheon, King of the Andals, Rhoynar and First Men, Lord of the 7 Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm. All the four comm ittees were chaired by experienced Executive Board members. The conference officially started with Director-Principal, Ms. J Bhuvaneswari declaring the conference open. The delegates then went in to their respective committee channels and the committees kick-started with the conference.

The delegates confidently participated learning the basics of Parliamentary procedures, resolution and public speaking and gave eloquent speeches exercising impressive diplomacy during the caucuses.

The two-day conference culminated in the award ceremony presided by the principal. Three students from each committee received the Best Delegate, Outstanding Delegate and Honourable Delegate awards. The chairs of the committees were given a certificate of appreciation from the school.

Over all it was an enriching experience for the students who learnt the importance of coming together to achieve a common goal in the true spirit of the United Nations.

The online Investiture Ceremony 2021-22

“Leaders are not born but are made by their experiences in life.”
The online Investiture Ceremony of Presidency School, Bangalore South, for the academic year 2020-21 was held on the 10 July 2021. The event had Miss. Malavika Parthasarathy, a young lawyer from Delhi, as the Guest of Honour.
The event commenced with the lamp lighting by the Principal Mrs. J. Bhuvaneswari, Head Mistress and the four house wardens, which was then followed by the all-faith prayer.
The event witnessed the officiating of the cabinet members by the Principal and the House Mistress. The elected cabinet members read out their manifestos promising to fulfill their duties and responsibilities towards the school. The event also showcased four videos from the respective houses highlighting the themes adopted by the school this academic year – Riverathon, the 3 H’s and Obsession with Excellence. The Principal addressed the newly elected cabinet members reminding them about the responsibilities and asking them to be accountable for the post vested upon them.
The Investiture Ceremony was beautified by melodious songs by school choir and a graceful dance performance. The Guest of Honour, in her address, appreciated the efforts by the school for providing opportunities to the students to take part in elections like these and also appreciated for the fair and democratic E- Elections. She also congratulated the newly appointed school cabinet for their preparedness to take responsibilities. She encouraged them to use these opportunities and balance them well with academics to excel in both.
The objective of the event was to espouse the confidence, development of leadership qualities and sense of responsibility among the students and to give them a feel of functioning of the administrative body. The school had conducted a round of campaigning where students prepared a poster, flyer and a speech with a signature statement and the students from Grades 6 to 12 cast their votes in the fair and democratic E – elections 2020-21. The much awaited event came to a close with the school anthem being sung with fervour.
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World Chocolate Day

Sweets may come and go, but chocolates are Eternal.
World Chocolate Day was celebrated virtually at PSBS on 7th Jul 21, by Kindergarteners beginning with Teachers explaining the significance of the day to the students.
A video was shared with the children which described the types of chocolates and how delicious each one is, making the little ones drool. Students were asked to share chocolates with Front-line Warriors & all those who have supported us during this pandemic. They thoroughly enjoyed sharing chocolates with doctors, nurses and policemen.
After this, we started “My Chocolate Cookie” activity wherein, K1 and K2 levels exhibited their amazing Narrations, Poetry, Rhymes or Songs. Their love for chocolates was evident in their drawings and painting with colourful chocolates and candies !

World Ocean Day Webinar

Presidency School Bangalore South, along Hulimavu Kere Tharanga, a lake community, organized a webinar for the students of Grades 3 to 5. This was done to commemorate the World Ocean Day. The event began with an all faith prayer, followed by the welcome address given by Ms.Preetha Jayan. The speakers from Hulimavu Kere Tharanga – Ms. Mithan Subbiah and Ms.Maneesha Ajit spoke about the importance of water bodies and the necessity of keeping the environment clean.The speakers, who are volunteers with the community, enlightened the students about the various activities that were undertaken by Hulimavu Kere Tharanga to safeguard the Hulimavu lake and urged the students to do their bit towards preserving the natural surroundings. Our Director – Principal, Ms. J Bhuvaneswari addressed the students about important of saving water, avoiding plastic and keeping the environment clean. Ms.Kavitha Kutleria the Primary Coordinator gave the vote of thanks and the programme ended on a positive note, with a lot of takeaway for the participants.

Family Day

Family is the single most important influence in a child’s life. Right from their first moments of life children depend on parents and family to protect them and provide for their needs. The Kindergarten students of PSBS logged in, along with their parents and grandparents to celebrate Family day.

The virtual event began with the teacher introducing the term ‘Family’ and the day proceeded with a “Spin it – Do it” activity and everyone enjoyed thoroughly. After this videos of children introducing their family were shown.

To punctuate the saying “Family that cooks together stays together”, parents exhibited their culinary skills with their children. Pre-K parents decorated cookies, K-1 parents showed their best by making creative salads with vegetables and fruits, and K-2 families made different types of juices and refreshing drinks.

As the celebrations proceeded, parents were encouraged to show off their musical talent.
Each class had their own craft work planned for the whole family to create together. Pre-K made a family craft with ice cream sticks. K-1 had a family tree ready with hand prints and K-2 had a family tree with cutouts of leaves and photos.

Children, along with their parents, were invited to shake a leg to some lively tunes as well.
The celebrations were wrapped up by viewing family photos of the children, leaving everyone present a little nostalgic.

International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day was celebrated live at Presidency School, Bangalore South. The Yoga Teacher Mr. Muniraju guided students and teachers from Kindergarten to Grade 12 to do various asanas, catered to strengthen immunity and build a positive attitude in this time of turmoil.
Importance was also given to special asanas that helped improve posture and reduce stress on our backs which is seen as a common problem in all due to our extended use of technology. Various benefits of Yoga were emphasized along with simple but effective asanas.

Sanskriti -Valedictory Ceremony 2021

Presidency School Bangalore South held an offline Valedictory Ceremony for the students of Grade 10 and 12 following all safety precautions needed during the pandemic on the 6th and 7th of April.

The theme of this year’s valedictory was Sanskriti- Connecting to roots, depicted by an image of Bamboo which we compared to students who get nurtured by the school and grow to withstand any challenges put forward by the world before them. All Valedictorians were called on stage and handed over lit candles encased by bamboo sticks by the teachers as a symbol of passing down knowledge and values from one generation to the next. The Principal Ms. J Bhuvaneswari also addressed each Grade individually advising the students to remain tall and flexible like Bamboo during hardships they may face in future.

Melodious songs accompanied the proceedings of the event. Teachers were asked to take the stage where they were commended for their dedication and commitment during the pandemic stricken Academic Year. Overall the event was a humble attemptby the school to make the students feel loved and special, amidst the challenging times.

Kindergarten -Graduation Day Ceremony

Presidency School, Bangalore South hosted the Virtual Kindergarten Graduation Day on 29.3.2021. The theme was ‘Bamboos- Connecting with the roots’ and the event showcased the best in each child as their teacher spoke few words describing them. The K2 students took the centre stage who started the event with welcome speech and concluded with the Vote of thanks. Few of them shared their journey from Pre K to K 2 expressing their happiness.

Our Principal Ma’am, Ms. Bhuvaneswari addressed the children and shared a few words of wisdom. A video was played showing glimpses of activities conducted in the year 2020-21 taking everyone down the memory lane. The exciting and emotional event came to an end with all the teachers wishing the children the very best as they bid them adieu.

Puppet’s Day

Puppets let children express themselves through the characters they play. These characters sing, rhyme, laugh and cry. Playing with puppets help children develop their communication and interaction skills.The Kindergarten students of Presidency School, Bangalore South were enthralled to watch their favourite characters come alive during the puppet show organized for them showcasing a short story on February 25th , 2021. The little ones were in for a special treat with this puppet show by their teachers who captured their attention and opened doors to their imagination. The show concluded with an interesting craft activity where these young learners enjoyed making their own puppets !!

Dr. Suess’s Birthday Celebration

Dr. Seuss, an American writer and cartoonist is known to author several popular children’s books like Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat in the Hat, How the Grinch Stole Christmas etc.

His stories are not only entertaining but also illustrative and enriching. Keeping up with the tradition of celebrating Dr. Suess’s birthday every year by the students of Kindergarten, this year, the teachers narrated one of his stories – “What was I scared off”.

The students dressed up as characters from his stories, speaking in brief about the character portrayed by them. They went on to make ‘A HAT’ for craft activity. The joyful celebration came to an end with children watching one of the stories with their classmates in the online class.


Sing-A-Rhyme activity

Rhymes teach children how language works. It helps them notice,learn and work with the sounds along with the words. Little ones of Presidency School Bangalore South enjoyed their Sing-A-Rhyme activity by singing and dancing. The activity started with one of the most popular rhymes “if you are happy and you know clap your hands” followed by ‘Guess the Rhyme’ game which the tiny ones were thrilled to participate in. The Students along with the teacher, sang few rhymes. The activity had a fun concluding action rhyme “Making melodies in my heart”.


Doll’s Birthday Celebrations

Birthday is a memorable day for everyone, especially kids. The word Birthday brings to our mind – cakes, chocolates, caps, candles and ice-creams and not to forget the gifts !!!

PSBS Kindergarteners celebrated “Doll’s Birthday” on 9.2.2021. Children dressed up in their best party clothes and dressed up their dolls. They enjoyed the activity and games, then merrily danced to the party music.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle activity

Children should be taught about the 3 ‘R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle from a young age so they inculcate the habit of managing their surroundings.
These 3 r’s are very important part of sustainable living as they help us cut down the amount of waste we have to throw away. PSBS Kindergartners presented few things created from old box, tissue roll and showed the way to reuse things which otherwise would be thrown away. They also learnt about how to reuse old CDs, empty tissue rolls etc in the class. Pre K tots made teddy bear from old CDs, while K 1 children made dancing fox out of used cups and straws. K2 students made a colourful pen stand out of empty tissue roll. Children enjoyed the activity while learning about Re Use & Re Cycle.


Republic Day Celebrations

72nd Republic Day was celebrated in all its earnestness and grandeur at Presidency School, Bangalore South on January 26, 2021.The event started off with the lighting of the lamp followed by India flag hoisted by the Principal and team while singing of the national anthem and patriotic songs in the school campus. The Principal Ms. Bhuvaneswari, Head Mistress Ms. Rajashree Chaudhari, COD’s, Ms. Veena from curriculum Dept, PE Team, few teachers, staff members and the cabinet members were a part of the celebration.
The school had a renewed charm as the students were a part of an event after nearly 10 months. The Principal blessed them and wished that soon all students will be back in school.The celebration for the students across Kindergarten to grade 12 was conducted through an online forum on MS Team with great reverence. The recorded progamme focused mainly on the cultural relevance of different states with great emphasis on the states of Karnataka and Uttarakhand, as per CBSE. The show also reflected on the true heroes of India who sacrificed their lives to give us freedom.
The assembly showcased various videos highlighting the significance of the day and the historical march which had taken place in the past. This was followed by speeches in English and Kannada. There was also an eloquent Hindi poem recited by the students. One of the highlights of the event was the informative video on the states of Uttrakhand and Karnataka.
The enlightening and inspiring speech by the Principal elevated the patriotic feeling of the day. In her address, she stressed on the greatness of our constitution, and that we are the largest democracy in the world. She implored to the students to be proud of being a citizen of this great nation.The whole event left the assembled with love and pride for the tricolored flag we call our own, and the country of honour and integrity, diversity and uniqueness that is ‘Bharat’.
“Let us be proud that you are an Indian because, lucky are those who are born in this great country.

Winterfest – Kindergarten

Winter is the time for comfort, for good food, for warmth and PSBS kindergarteners celebrated Virtual Winter fest on 21st December 2020 as a happy time. Tiny tots presented themselves with colourful winter outfits for the day. The teachers had organized fun activities like games ‘spot the difference’,’Find the missing objects‘. and children enjoyed making Christmas tree head band, snow man head band and christmas tree greeting card level wise . Later on children learnt about the winter season-the clothing, food eaten during winter and how to keep oneself warm through a video. Children grooved to the action song ‘hokey pokey’ in the end and left with a happy note.


Virtual Field Trip to Farm-Kindergarten

The little ones of Pre K and K 1 were in for a pleasant surprise as they were taken to a farm to see the farm animals during their first virtual field trip. Though they were super excited they did not forget their hats, snacks and juice.
Farmer Ashley welcomed them to the farm and took them on a tour where they saw many farm animals like goose, turkey, duck, chicken, rooster, and their homes. As farmer Ashley measured the length of the pony, parents measured the height of their kids. It was a fun trip with lot of learning !!

Virtual Felicitation -2019-20

As it is often said – A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected. Success is important, but so is the appreciation that a successful person deserves. It helps him or her to hold on to their triumph.

With these thoughts, a virtual function was organised to felicitate the toppers of Grade 10 and 12 of the CBSE Board examination of 2019-20. The function began with an all-faith prayer. This was followed by the felicitation of the toppers. As the students were called upon, they accepted the virtual certificate and the note of congratulations from the Principal, Ms J Bhuvaneswari. The students also shared their success story. The proud parents of the toppers took to the virtual stage too and shared the tough path which their ward had to trod before tasting victory. They also thanked the school and the teachers for their untiring efforts towards their ward’s success.

The two national level toppers of the school belonging to the previous batch had been invited to the function to speak on the occasion. Following this, the felicitation of top students continued and the proud winners were called upon the virtual stage to be congratulated.

The role of teachers in the success of the students cannot be undermined. The High School and the Senior Secondary teachers, who had contributed to the excellent results, were felicitated individually. The headmistress of the school, read out small anecdotes about the exemplary qualities of each teacher, as they came upon the virtual podium to accept the honour of being congratulated by the Principal. The Principal showered her blessings on every teacher thanking each of them for their dedication and commitment towards the school.

The Principal in her address presented the result analysis of the board exams. The slides gave a comparative overview of the results, with respect to the previous academic years. Further, the Principal, who is the visionary leader behind the success of the school, reiterated the beliefs and policies which formed the foundation of the successful running of the institution.

The event came an end with the choir team rendering the school song using the digital platform. The programme was applauded by all participants alike and was sure to stay in the memory of all concerned for a long time into the future.


The birthday of Lord Krishna, one of the most powerful incarnations of Vishnu is celebrated as Janmashtami. The K2 students of Presidency School Bangalore South, celebrated this festival virtually and dressed up in their ethnic best, pretending to be little Radhas and Krishnas. The little ones sang a rhyme on Krishna with actions enjoying every moment. Few chanted bhajans and shlokas all by themselves while one student played the flute to embrace the occasion !!

Virtual International Tigers Day 2020-Kindergarten

Kindergarten students at Presidency School Bangalore, South celebrated virtual International Tigers Day on 29th July 2020. The students of Pre K and K1 were given a colouring worksheet as an activity. It was wonderful and satisfying to see the tiny tots colouring skills.The K2 students shot videos, narratted stories online with props and a few spoke live about their national animal. All the participants were appreciated and given E-certificates for participating.

virtual Intra PresMUN 2020-21

The first virtual Intra PresMUN 2020-21 was hosted by Presidency School, Bangalore South on the 24th and 25th of July 2020. The conference witnessed a participation of around 54 delegates from Grades 9-12. It was a two day conference with three committees. The aim of the MUN is to nurture leadership skills in students and give them the power to make decisions and solve problems, giving them the independence and authority held by world leaders today. The MUN gives delegates freedom and prepares them to face challenges of the future.
This year, one new committee was introduced, the WHO, keeping in mind the current pandemic. The second committee was the UNSC which discussed the ongoing Indo-China conflict and the third committee was the DISEC which discussed state sponsored terrorism. All these agendas required quality research, leadership skills, qualitative thought process and spontaneous action plan from the delegates.
All the delegates enjoyed being part of the various committees and took some valuable experiences from the two day conference. It is important to think critically with clarity about what would be the best course of action on the given situation handed over to the delegates. Delegates need to deliver solid quality solutions in a limited period of time. It was an attempt to push the boundaries of innovation and creativity and help them think out of the box. The conference concluded with the Prize distribution ceremony virtually where the Executive Board declared the names of the Best delegate, Outstanding delegate and Honorable delegate from each committee. Few verbal mentions were also made to recognize and motivate the efforts of the students. The certificates of merit were presented virtually by Principal ma’am.It was the initiative of our Principal to take forward the MUN on the online platform. She wanted the students to experience it in spite of the pandemic. We hope every delegate has enjoyed being part of the various committees and have taken some valuable experiences from this two day conference. We hope we were able to push the boundaries of innovation and creativity and help them think out of the box.

Dad’s day

Presidency School Bangalore South proudly celebrated their virtual Dad’s day. The tiny tots excitedly accompanied their fathers, twinning with them or following same color codes !!

Class teachers welcomed the participants and they played games like Scavenger hunt, Virtual Bingo, Get set go, Masterpiece making & Talent hunt.
The Dads put their best foot forward and energetically participated in all activities. It was a fun filled day to cherish for a lifetime.

Doctor’s Day Celebration

The students of grade 1 and 2 at Presidency School, Bangalore South celebrated the National Doctors’ Day this year in a unique way – virtually! The little ones wore white or dressed themselves in a doctor’s outfit with stethoscopes and little “doctor sets” to show their appreciation. The teachers shared videos with the students to portray the selfless service of doctors to humanity. The session inspired the children to feel grateful as they thanked the entire medical community !

 Virtual Investiture 2020-21

Leadership is the capacity to transform vision into reality. PSBS on the 29th of June officiated the cabinet members of the school for the academic year 2020-21 in the first ever virtual investiture done by the school. This virtual investiture had its roots in the E election that took place through the portal of Microsoft Teams. From the nominations to the campaigning all were done through various MS Team tools like Flipgrid and Forms.
The event had a special section dedicated to the soldiers who lost their lives at the Galwan Valley in the form of posters prepared by the cabinet members. Also the contesting students presented a video of their interpretations on the current theme of the school – “Invincible”. This event was unique as it was an effort to bring live an actual investiture ceremony to the students and parents in a virtual environment.
The Chief Guest of the event was Mr. Salman Ahmed, Vice President of the Presidency Group of Institution. Being an alumina of this very school, he was someone that all the future cabinet members could look up to. He asked the students to dream big, so big that working towards that dream should bring shivers down their spine. He spoke about the growth of the Presidency group over the last few decades due to the persistent hard work and dedication of our Chairman, Dr. Nissar Ahmed.
During the event the Principal had vested the right of officiating the cabinet members with their badges and sashes to the parents of the school cabinet, which was then played in the form of a video before the audience.The event had many esteemed guest which included the Members of the Management, Director of the Presidency Group of Schools and Principals of the sister concern schools. After the induction of the cabinet members, the captains and vice captains of the school and the houses read out two of the most important points from their manifesto.
They made promises to uphold the banner of the school and take all necessary precautions during these times of crisis. The induction was followed by the oath taking which was administered by the Principal and repeated by the school captain boy and girl. The school also formally introduced the members of the opposition- a new initiative, that will keep check like in any democracy. The Principal also addressed the cabinet members along with the other members present at the event. She spoke about how every child should learn to cope with any situation in life and how they should have a never give up attitude in life.
The Principal also emphasized on how humility was the key to becoming a great leader. The idea of this event was to bring the student community together and officiate them with pride. The Principal ensured that everything was done to bring about a smile on the students face.



 E-Learning at Presidency Schools featured in Education Today!

 Seminar -“BEING FUTURE READY” conducted by Mr. Giri Balasubramaniam

What are future ready students and what is the significance of future readiness? This was the premise of the seminar conducted by Mr. Giri Balasubramaniam on June 13, 2019 at Presidency School, Bangalore South for students of Grade XI and XII.

Mr.Giri is an international quiz host, an author and entrepreneur. ‘PickBrain’, as he is affectionately nick named, is one of the finest men of intellect and there is probably no one more qualified to address career paths with high schoolers.

The seminar was directed at guiding students to be future ready individuals who will be prepared to face the challenges of the world. Mr. Giri had an intense discussion with the students regarding the Board exams and gave them detailed inputs about various career fields and the score requirements for colleges. He emphasized on the importance of having a career that catered to both passion and skill. He shared a lot of wisdom with the students ranging from parental pressure ,financial advice with regards to education abroad to valuable strategies for exams.

Mr. Giri’s charisma made for a delightful experience for the audience and his unparalleled humor certainly left a lasting impression. A wonderful and worthy interaction!


PSBS received awards from Bangalore Sahodaya for first position in A1 category in Social Science , Science and Sanskrit for the Grade 10 performance in the CBSE Board Examinations 2017-18 We are top among 300 schools in Bangalore and Hosur Sahodaya Schools.