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Admission Process

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New admission 2023-24

The registrations for session 2023-2024 commences from 5th October 2022.

At PSBS, every child is considered equal and anyone is welcome to join us. That is why we have tried to administer an admissions procedure that is reasonable, impartial and fair-minded so that your child feels encouraged to begin learning with a clean slate.

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Enquiries for admissions usually come from various sources – website, advertisements, flyers, emails, referrals, walk-in customers, as well as from unit schools.


The Admission Department Staff attends to these enquiries and informs parents to fill up the Registration Forms available on the website or at the Admission Office of the School. The Admission Officer checks all the forms received on a daily basis.

The parent is called to check for availability of the child, and the date for the Admission Interview/ Assessment is fixed.

Fee Structure

Please contact the admission office for the details.
NOTE: School fee structure is subject to revision annually.

Registrations Open 2023-24 !

for the academic year 2023-24
CBSE | Kindergarten to Grade X1


Placement Test

Prospective students of all levels will have to appear for a placement test on the scheduled day, before they are enrolled. Children applying for Grade I to VIIl are tested on the grade-appropriate concepts in English, Math and EVS /Science. For Kindergarten children, it is an interaction session, where the Admissions Officer checks to see if the child is ready to be admitted in the class for which he/she has applied. The purpose of the placement test is to group prospective students with children of the same age and skill sets.

Placement Test for Nursery

The child is asked to assemble puzzles to assess hand and motor co-ordination, and identify animals, colors, shapes etc. The child is assessed on clarity of speech, behavior and ability to follow instructions.

Placement Test for K1

The Admission Officer sits with the child and goes through some storybooks and puzzles to make the child feel comfortable. Then, the Officer goes through a question booklet with the child, in order to assess the child’s ability to recognize letters, similar/ different objects, shapes, the child’s numerical ability and ability to comprehend and follow instructions. If the child is joining at the beginning of the academic year, his manual dexterity skills are tested to see if he/she is ready to begin writing in K1.

Placement Test for K2

The Admissions Officer sits with the child to go through the test booklet. Recognition and writing skills are assessed. The child is asked to write letters (both upper and lower cases) and asked to read the letters phonetically. Numerical ability is tested by exercises in basic counting and writing of numbers. Logical reasoning is tested by asking the child to match pictures with their shadows and by matching identical figures from a group of similar figures.

Placement Test for Grade I to VIII

Grade-appropriate concepts in English, Mathematics & EVS / Science are tested. The Admissions Officer goes through the paper with the child and explains what is expected out of them. They are encouraged to ask questions if they have any doubts in understanding the test.

On completion of the placement tests, a personal interactive session with the parents and the Admission Committee is organized to facilitate further in-depth understanding about the education philosophy of the school, and parental needs and expectation from the school.

a. Presidency School, shall offer admissions to the following classes against seats available:

  • Pre K
  • Lower Kindergarten (K1)
  • Upper Kindergarten (K2)
  • Class I to Class XII CBSE
  • Admissions in class X and XII to be given only on the discretion of the Management.

b. Admission to the school is open to Indian and Foreign Nationals, with no distinction of caste, religion or state.

Preference will be given to the siblings of the children already studying in this school.

Section Classes Admission Test Minimum Age as on 31st May 2023
Pre-Primary Pre Nursery Child has to come along with parents for an interaction. 3 years
LKG Attempt worksheets 4 years
UKG Attempt worksheets 4.10 years
Primary I Attempt worksheets 5.10 years
II Attempt worksheets 6.10 years
III Written test 7.10 years
IV Written test 8.10 years
V Written test 9.10 years
Secondary VI Written test 10.10 years
VII Written test 11.10 years
VIII Written test 12.10 years
IX Written test 13.10 years
X Written test 14.10 years
Senior Secondary




Written test 15.10 years






>  IP ( Information Practise)

Written test 16.10 years
Schedule for the interaction and/or written test will be intimated to parents through email or phone. Only selected candidates will be called for further admission process.  Admissions will be given on first cum first basis.

Purchase of admission form

  1. Admission kit to be purchased against payment of prescribed fee to register the child’s name for the year and class for which admission is sought.
  2. This fee is neither refundable nor adjustable and it is valid only for the specified academic year.
  3. Purchase of admission form does not guarantee of the admission.

Submission of admission form:

Parents to submit the completed admission form along with the mentioned documents:

  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Copy of address proof
  • Copy of transfer certificate- TC should be compulsorily submitted for admission to class I upwards.
  • Copy of passport /visa (for Foreign Nationals only)
  • Copy of report card of the lower class in which the student studied last.
School Tours

Families and parents are welcome to make an appointment for a tour of our School. Alternatively, Tours with the Principal occur regularly with prior appointment.

  • Admissions Executive will schedule the Informal Interactive Session/admission test. On the day of interaction, the child has to visit the school along with both the parents as per schedule notified.
  • Admissions Executive will intimate the admission status within 24 hrs after the Informal Interactive Session.

The Admissions Staff mark the answer sheet after the student has finished the placement test, after which they inform parents of the results. Parents are then advised on which class the child is best suited for.


Registration forms can be collected from the admissions office. Fees once paid will not be refunded. Duly filled up registration forms can be submitted to the office with effect from 16th August 2019 along  with two passport size photographs, copy of birth certificate, and marks card from the previous school (for Grade I and above only).

Mode of Payment: Cheque/ Cash/Card swipe/DD

Day Time
Monday – Friday 9.00 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturday 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.

For more information, please contact


Confirmation of Admission

Provisional admission will be granted upon payment of prescribed fees within 3 working days. The admission shall be considered as provisional till such time all the relevant documents are submitted and the balance process is completed within the stipulated time.


If a child has special needs, a meeting is arranged with the school counselor. The counselor sits with the child for an extended period of time, to ascertain the level and intensity of the special need. She will also discuss the same with the parents and go through medical notes if any.

In cases where the parent does not inform the school, the admission officer will usually be able to identify a child with special needs. The parent is then asked to come for another round of interview after the test. This interview is conducted by the school counselor who will determine the level of the special need. In cases where the school would be in a position to accommodate the child, admission is granted. In other cases, the parents are advised to seek admission in specialized schools.